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Icomera is right in the middle of the global trends of connectivity and mobility We connect public transport to the Internet We connect road, rail, and ferry passengers to their work and social networks and onboard equipment back to base

We offer media apps for passenger entertainment, CCTV apps to improve passenger safety, Remote Condition Monitoring apps to reduce maintenance costs, Eco-driving apps which save on fuel and many more….

The Icomera Way allows Icomera to deliver a range of services across various packages, tailored to meet operators’ needs. We work with a range of partners to deliver cutting edge solutions that are robust and designed to work over the long-term.


  • Pasenger Wi-Fi
  • Passenger Infotainment
  • Real Time Information
  • Safety & Security
  • Fleet Management
  • Eco-Driving
  • Telematics
  • Vehicle Connectivity

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