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  • Established: 1986
  • Subsidiary: QMATIC (M) Sdn. Bhd.
  • Corporate focus: Customer Experience Solution, Digital Signage & Software Solutions.
  • Key milestones:
    • 1987: First Customer Flow Management System in Asia
    • 2005: New Corporate headquarters in Kuala Lumpur.
    • 2007: MSC Status
    • 2009: 14.2 million people passing through our systems in Malaysia and growing.
    • 2017: CoBrooking software launched

Our Vision

To be a leader in information technology with a global footprint in knowledge based services and products.

The Mission

  • To be a leader in the enhancement of a better quality of life through technology, quality products and services
  • To ensure that every employee is a vital member of the Company and an asset to the community
  • To nurture long term business relationships based on integrity, mutual benefit and sustainable growth
  • To value every opportunity to serve our customers on the basis of excellence

The Line-Up

The multi disciplinary team is continuously trained locally and abroad to keep abreast of the latest in technology. Our rigorous methodology ensures that all tasks are handled consistently but with the necessary flexibility to meet the unique needs of each customer. Customer satisfaction is and will always be our top priority.

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