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Orchestra Connect is a smart mobile service app that makes all that possible. It puts resources into the hands of staff that help them to raise productivity and customer service levels.

With the single interface, team members can manage walk-ins, maintain awareness of waiting customers, customers currently being served, and upcoming visits.

They can also tap into useful business analytics like services delivered and outcomes. One way is through the innovative use of a wireless pushbutton device called Flic.

Q-matic_Orchestra 6.1

Centralize control of the customer journey, improve queue management, and deliver a consistently excellent customer experience across every location.

Distributed operations capabilities allow you to deploy and manage the platform from a single, centralized point to ensure uninterrupted operations and a consistent journey experience in every location you manage across the globe.

No matter how complex your organization may be, Orchestra keeps it working in harmony toward a consistently excellent customer experience.

Q-matic_Mobile Connect

Qmatic Mobile Connect is a smart business app that empowers frontline service staff to efficiently engage with customers and to take the right service decision resulting in improved customer experience

Your staff becomes more productive by having information at their fingertips that make it easier to provide great customer service. Mobile technology isn't magic, but it is virtually unparalleled as a resource that can win over new customers, deepen relationships with existing customers, and raise the productivity and satisfaction levels of staff members


Qmatic today announced the release of its new integrated queue management app, Myfunwait. Developed in conjunction with Sticky Beat, a digital experience agency.

the app is the first to integrate gamification with real-time queue management and showcases Qmatic’s expertise in translating passive wait time into brand engagement opportunities that improve the customer experience.



Personalized interactions require intelligence, purpose, and access to the most appropriate resources. Qmatic has designed a technology solution ecosystem that is capable of delivering reliable, data-driven, quality engagements regardless of the type or composition of your unique customer journey.

Beacons combined with a mobile app having the capabilities to provide service alternatives for end-customers can significantly improve service and experiences



Qmatic’s Customer Journey Platform Integrates Humanoid Robot to Serve Customers and Improve the Customer Experience in New Elisa Flagship Store.

We specialize in delivering cohesive and personalized customer journeys. By integrating Pepper with our Orchestra platform, we’re able to enhance the customer journey and enable personal and meaningful engagements with customers.


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