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Despite the proliferation of online and telephone banking, there are still many customers who prefer personalised service at their local branch. Which means getting those all important face-to-face encounters right from the very start. Again and again.

Qmatic’s CFM process can help you manage the entire interaction with the customer more effectively, from directing customers to the right area on arrival, to assigning a member of staff best qualified to deal with the inquiry.

Our systems also help promote and cross-sell additional services and products, and our media solutions allow you to inform and entertain your customers while they're waiting for service. And because we've installed more than 200 systems in financial institutions nationwide, we can demonstrate that the numbers all add up.

From improved revenue and increased staff efficiency to increased profitability and better customer retention, Qmatic can help you enhance your bottom line when it comes to customer service.


If you want to bank benefits like these – just talk to us.

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