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Add the functions you need when you need them. Deliver service with the right touch. With Solo Virtua, you can choose from touch screen or tactile buttons to suit your environment type and customer traffic. Based on Virtual Queue thinking, traditional queues become almost invisible. We have created Solo Virtua to be modular, which means that you can start with a base solution to suit your needs and pocket – and add features as your situation evolves.

Key features of Solo Virtua Receipt on demand. A service receipt is printed when required and can include a custom message. If unnecessary, turn the function off and reduce paper wastage. Built-in intelligence. No need to worry about the technology. All the intelligence you need to give great service is in the device. This makes things simple and reduces your technical worries and cost. Durable touch screen. Touch buttons or touch screen to suit any type of situation and customer traffic, making it ideal for both contemporary and traditional environments. Flexible and secure settings. Using the plug in, “My Qmatic”, it’s easy to reset your location services and settings. Should you ever need to replace a Solo Virtua device, all your settings can be quickly retrieved. Customer data and insight. Collects and reports on activity such as number of customers served, the services requested and how long they had to wait. You can analyse this information to make operational improvements.

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