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Orchestra is the enterprise-scale CFM solution from Qmatic. Orchestra is a centralised CFM solution for larger clients who need whole-enterprise management. Orchestra is also the solution for clients who would like the simplicity of enterprise-wide configuration. Orchestra is designed for use in situations where the client’s organisation spans many branches. For large-scale single sites, typically campus-style installations, this can correspond to spanning many departments instead of discrete branches but the principle is the same – multiple autonomous operations working with one CFM solution.

Enterprise working is much more than the linking together of discrete branches. In practice each branch needs to be set-up to provide a local solution with different numbers of positions, opening times, services on offer and equipment in use but the system needs to be centrally managed and provide centralised management information. Therefore Orchestra understands that branches will vary in detail but need to be grouped together to make configuration and interpretation of statistics as easy and logical as possible. By ensuring that elements of the CFM process that need to be standardised are standardised configuration and gathering of management data is made as easy as possible.

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