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A solution is required whenever there is a problem or challenge to be solved. Qmatic’s solutions is a innovatively developed system to meet the requirements and demands for a better Customer Flow ManagementTM (CFM).

CFM is all about managing the flow of your customers and their experiences from their initial contact with your company through to service delivery.

Web based solutions

How does it work?

First you need to understand your customer flow and how it affects your customers, staff and operations. CFM will help you turn this understanding into real business value.

The improvement in customer flow often needs assistance from a CFM system, implemented to meet improvement targets and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). We know that a system implemented without CFM knowledge is often worse than no system at all. Moreover, the six step CFM methodology helps us understand your challenges and the possibilities of your service operations.

The CFM Solutions from our company can range from a just a single branch to an extensive network connecting to a central system. And from single service to multiple services; from linear queuing to virtual queuing. From before customers enter your branch to well after they have received their desired service.

To see some of our products within their environment, please see our Retail, Finance, Public Sector and Healthcare.

A full range of Qmatic systems and solutions

  • Modular and configurable
  • Call forward
  • Single queue
  • Multi queue
  • Single branch
  • Multi-branch, centralised
  • Standalone solutions
  • Integrated solutions
  • Web based
  • Wireless solutions
  • Customer identification and guidance
  • Appointments
  • Skill based routing and Matchmaker
  • SMS
  • Media solutions, digital signage and messaging
  • Management information and dashboards
  • Customer feedback solutions
  • Partner integration
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