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We’re excited to bring this new dimension of customer experience into our flagship store, which is really a completely new service environment for us. We see Pepper as more than just a robot. She is part of our customer service staff and adds value to the smooth customer journey for our click and collect customers. She also provides significantly greater insight into customer behavior that allow us to understand the real impact of and potential for Pepper in this environment.

Qmatic’s Orchestra platform helps ensure the customer’s experience from online purchase to product pickup is seamless. Upon arrival at the store, the customer will be able to interact with Pepper and get help to check in for service using information provided during the online purchase confirmation. Pepper relays that information to a store associate who then delivers the product to the customer. The Pepper interaction engages the customer personally and advances the brand reputation in a way static solutions can’t. We specialize in delivering cohesive and personalized customer journeys. By integrating Pepper with our Orchestra platform, we’re able to enhance the customer journey and enable personal and meaningful engagements with customers

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