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Maskavia assists our customers in their customer flow through our products and services offered. The result is happier customers and staff, which benefits the company through increased sales and cost efficiency.

We manage customer flows, from initial contact to final service delivery. The result is happier customers and staff, which benefits the company through increased sales and cost efficiency. We make waiting worthwhile.

We offer a platform for information to be disseminated through multi media electronic devices. We make customers better informed and hence, increase customers’ satisfaction levels.

The quality of your customer journey impacts every part of your business. Qmatic engineers integrated software, hardware, and analytics solutions that create remarkable experiences from the first point of engagement and keep your people in go.

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A solution is required whenever there is a problem or challenge to be solved. Qmatic’s solutions is a innovatively developed system to meet the requirements and demands for a better Customer Flow Management


Our feedback collecting Smileys and data analytics solution will help you improve your customer experience, workplace happiness, and bottom line.


Our DSS is a software that enables integration and on line dissemination of information through multi media electronic devices. The devices are strategically placed to disseminate valuable information rapidly as and when required.


We plan for our clients' business needs and IT requirements, we also assist in designing, developing and implementing software solutions and technology.

Latest News

Videocare Means Everywhere And Anytime

A visit to the doctor over the internet gives more people access to care regardless of time and location. It’s not the end of having “a physical”, but it’s a great complement.
You know what it’s like, trying to get help from your local hospital for yourself, your kids or your elderly parents.
You need to take time off from work (stressful), there’s travel time (traffic horrors), you have to expose yourself to the waiting area (kids sneezing and noses running), it takes time (boring and stressful), you’re there because you do not feel great in the first place and now you feel terrible, you run into your neighbor and have to explain (possibly embarrassing).

The Middle Way is Great for Contentment, Less Great for Customer Surveys

The HappyOrNot’s Smiley Terminals famously sport four bright beautiful buttons. Just looking at them can inspire joy. Some might think the four-button platform was a random choice.
Others might think more buttons would better gauge customer experience by depicting a larger swath of the emotional spectrum.
Still others think giving customers a middle button would be easier on them – they may not want to struggle with their emotions or they just might not want to think that hard. First and foremost – the four-button format is deliberate! Believe it or not it has been the subject of numerous studies over the years.

New partner in Senegal

Titan International is a Senegalese company specialized in the architecture of the customer’s experience. Through their offers of support in the digitalization of the customer journey, interactive communication and Smart Business & Cities solutions, they help their customers transform every touchpoint into a place of life, exchanges, experiences, and emotions.
As the leader in Senegal and in the sub-region, Titan International are present in the entire value chain, from the identification of clients’ needs to implementation through solution design, distribution and support. They act as a major actor in digital transformation and promote the integration of Professional Communications with a managerial excellence of all industries.

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